Amber Charge from Grid using price "descriptor" in API

Maybe is all ready possible but I do not see it in the APP.
I would like to be able to use the “descriptor” in the Amber API which describes the current import price as an charge now indicator.

This “descriptor” is bases on pricing history and other details meaning that the charging is going to be at the best price for the day, its not based on a set price range.

The reason for needing this is I will have to charge at night, as I’m away at work during the day.
I want to charge when the price is at its best it could be for night period.

    "type": "ActualInterval",
    "date": "2024-05-22",
    "duration": 5,
    "startTime": "2024-05-22T00:30:01Z",
    "endTime": "2024-05-22T00:35:00Z",
    "nemTime": "2024-05-22T10:35:00+10:00",
    "perKwh": 31.56295,
    "renewables": 67.48206902689851,
    "spotPerKwh": 20.30382,
    "channelType": "general",
    "spikeStatus": "none",
    "tariffInformation": {
      "period": "solarSponge"
    "descriptor": "veryLow"

Hi Mike, it’s not possible in the app currently but it’s an interesting idea.

We’re aware that Amber is developing their own solution for smart EV charging that will incorporate variable wholesale pricing and solar integration. We don’t know all the details yet, but we believe that Amber is in the best position to deliver an EV charging product with the best integration with their wholesale pricing product. Based on their existing Smart Shift product for batteries, we expect their solution will offer advanced features for price optimisation including forecasting. Combining this with solar charging will be challenging - it’s not an easy problem to solve!

Charge HQ caters to many users around the world, with Amber customers making up a modest share of our user base.

For these reasons, we don’t intend to add any new Amber-specific features to Charge HQ for now. We will maintain the existing Amber integration and features. We’ll keep an eye on how Amber goes with their product and will update this plan as required.

How hard would it be for me to control my Tesla charging directly? I have a programming background but there is so much history in all the projects out there that I’m not sure which is the best to start with.
I all ready curtail my oldest set of panels(sungrow) use Amber data along with the data pulled from the AlphaESS using modbus serial (Alpha) and tcp(sungrow).

It’s possible, with the switch to the official Tesla Third Party API you now need to go via a third party who has access. We don’t offer such a service but others like Tessie do.