Annual Payment Option Paused for New Users

As of 6th of June 2024, new subscribers can only choose a monthly payment option. The annual pricing option is temporarily unavailable.

In January 2024 we migrated to Tesla’s official Third Party API. This API is becoming a paid service soon. Whilst Tesla has not released pricing (or timing) we expect it to be set at a level which requires us to alter our prices.

Once the Tesla pricing is released, we will adjust ours if required and re-enable annual subscriptions. Users who sign up for a monthly plan can switch to an annual plan at that time.

All users will be notified via email if there are any changes to Charge HQ subscription prices.

Users who currently have annual subscriptions will continue to renew on an annual basis, at the existing price. We may revisit this as more information is made available from Tesla.


Will the prices be the same for everyone or will Tesla and non-Tesla Charge HQ customers pay different prices?

@articus We don’t know at this time, it depends on where the Tesla pricing lands. We’ll post an update once we know more.

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Came in to the forum to ask about paying annually rather than monthly - and heres the answer already. Would prefer to pay annually when you make that available again.

Any update on when annual service will be available. Currently looking at solar/battery and would prefer a annual subscription over monthly

We’re waiting for Tesla to release their API pricing. Their website says this will be sometime in 2024.