Automate Charge Limit Changes

The extract below outlines how to optimise LFP battery life for my Tesla Model 3. It involves setting a normal charge limit of 80%, but charging to 100% once per week.

Charge HQ could theoretically be designed to manage this, but the current functionality cannot as far as I can see.

I use solar tracking for charging and the charge limit is fixed by the Tesla app. There appears to be no way of altering charge limits automatically via the app (eg 80% weekdays and 100% on weekends etc). Am I wrong?

I’d suggest that this would be a very desirable feature for all of us attempting to optimise our battery life.


Battery Optimisation

To optimise the life of lithium-ion phosphate (LFP) battery, charge to 100% at least once per week. This helps recalibrate the battery management system for accurate state of charge readings.

Between those weekly 100% charges, it’s recommended to keep the state of charge between 20-80% as much as possible. Avoiding very high (above 90%) or very low (below 20%) states of charge will reduce battery degradation.

Also, don’t leave the car plugged in at 100% state of charge for extended periods. Once fully charged, either unplug or use the Tesla app to set charging limits to stop at a lower state of charge like 80%.


@paul.blake.1005 can you please share the link to where you got the extract?