Charge HQ support for Rivian EVs

I have a tesla powerwall, a gen 3 charger and a rivian… will it work?

Can you sync with rivian api to start/stop and control the charge speed?


It won’t work currently as the Tesla Gen 3 charger can’t be remotely controlled and we don’t have a direct integration with Rivian (via API).

The Rivian API appears to be evolving and we’re hopeful it will be possible in future. Currently, it appears you can start and stop charging, obtain the state of charge and set the charge limit. There’s no ability to vary the rate of charge though. This is required for us to enable solar charging.

We’ll keep monitoring it and post updates here if anything changes.

In the interim, you can use Charge HQ with a Rivian EV using a supported wall charger.

That’s too bad! you can see me trying to keep pace with solar production today

also note as what i think is a feature request…?

i want enough “headroom” to charge my batteries too

so imagine knocking some amount off so i get 27 kwh for powerwalls by the end of the day (minus any existing charge in the morning) then the house takes a little, and the car gets the remainder!

Yeah I can’t say I have the time or patience to do it manually. Once it’s working Charge HQ is very much set and forget.

Some of the home use is a second EV picking up the solar also.

Re headroom for batteries - we already have this covered via the Home Battery Charge Priority Limit setting. It gives fairly granular control over how to prioritise the allocation of excess solar. You can also use a Solar Tracking Margin to set aside some excess solar for the home batteries.