Charge limit not honoured?

I recently needed to change my email address (Telstra closed down server). Changed it for both ChargeHQ and of course Tesla. ChargeHQ still works fine, except that it no longer seems to honour the charge limit, which is set to 80% in both ChargeHQ and the car. In the last few days I’ve needed to manually stop charging with the car still charging at 85% despite both the charge limit and blockout schedule).


The vehicle charge limit (on the home screen) is a mirror of the value set in the vehicle. We don’t store it locally. It’s not possible for Charge HQ to cause the vehicle to charge beyond the vehicle limit.

I had a quick look at the logs across the last 5 days and could only see instances where charging stopped due to the vehicle indicating it was complete or the blockout period kicking in.

I’m wondering if it could be times when the Tesla is drawing power but not charging?

Alternately, if you can tell me a date / time when you saw it happen I can look again in the logs for clues.

Thanks Andrew,

After checking the settings in ChargeHQ I found that the “EV Priority Charge Limit” was set to 100% (in the web settings). Not sure if this is the problem if Charge HQ gets the value from the car?? Anyway I’ll keep a close eye on it next time and see how it goes. My setup has been in some turmoil recently since I had to change email address - quite an involved process on the Tesla side (lots of security and authentication stuff as there should be). That’s done now, will see what happens next time I get a solid charge session in. I think the interface to the SolarEdge inverter is still working fine which is good.

A quick question - if I add another vehicle, does that require a separate instance/license of Charge HQ?


The EV Priority Charge Limit also can’t override the charge limit set on the vehicle so I don’t think this is related. Let me know if you keep having problems though.

For control of multiple vehicles you will need to use a separate Charge HQ account, see: Using Charge HQ with multiple EVs or Chargers