ChargeHQ and MG charge hub...HELP!

Hello, I have tried to get charge hq working with my home MG charge hub and solar inverter.

I’ve connected my Fronius solar inverter easily. But the MG charge hub is not working. I followed the instructions exactly as laid out here…

But after step 3 I seem to be stuffed. Now step 3 notes that once you connect your charge hub to wifi you wont be able to access the MG charge hub admin / setup page (which is exactly what happened, so I’m thinking OK all going according to the script so far…). But then step 4 seems to ask you to visit the set up page which is now impossible…

Or am I supposed to be finding something online at this link:


Because thats not working either

Once the charger is connected to your local WiFi network, your local network will assign an IP address to it. You need to locate this address and enter it into your browser to access the configuration interface.

There’s some more guidance on doing this here:

Thanks. I just tried that. I can get a list of IPs from my modem, but none of them say MG.

There are a lot of IPs there without names so I tried all of them in the browser but none were MG….

Guess there is a chance the MG don’t connect properly to wifi….?

It’s an unfortunate design choice of the MG Charger, and you’re not alone in bumping into this problem.

It will likely be listed as “star charge” on your router if this helps.

Failing that you’ll need to do a factory reset or connect an Ethernet cable.

OK, all working now. Connected with Ethernet.

Still can’t see the StarCharge coming up on my wifi modem, but it is definitely connected to chargehq so all good I guess.

Certainly wouldn’t recommend the MG charger….

Thanks for the help

Good to see you got it working Neal.

Another way to find the IP address of the Chargehub is to look at your router and display all the connected devices. The Chargehub will be generally be the one with the highest IP Address. If not ,try the the other IP addressses in the list.

I’d also suggest you set your router up to assign a fixed IP address to the Chargehub, so you don’t have to search for it again. This is fairly stright forward, but different routers have different ways off doing it.

I agree with you recomendation about the MG Chargehub. At one stage I considered painting mine yellow because it was such a lemon. The failing to ‘wake up’ for scheduled charging being it’s biggest downfall. That was before I discovered ChargeHQ, of course.
ChargeHQ resolved the scheduled charging issue, and provided many other benefits besides.