Charges to 100% despite charge limit 80%


Have two Teslas, one tesla wall v3 charger. Charge HQ set to 1am-6am up to 80%, vehicle set to start at 1.15 am up to limit 100%, charging control enabled.
Has been working perfectly fine until recent.
In the recent weeks ( maybe - since adding 2nd vehicle) noticed that more often than not it ignores chargehq limit and tops up to 100% instead over night. Cant figure out what is going on.
Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance!

Hi. There are a couple of possibilities:

  • Charge HQ can only control one vehicle at once. If you are using Charge HQ to enforce the 80% limit then you need to ensure that vehicle is selected in Charge HQ.
  • If you are using an overnight schedule in Charge HQ plus the vehicle schedule, you should set the vehicle schedule to the same start time, and you must enable Override Vehicle Schedule in Charge HQ’s advanced settings.

Please see this article for more info: How to configure Tesla Scheduled Charging in combination with Charge HQ

Thank you, that probably explains that behaviour I observe!
So it doesnt auto control the vehicle connected to a charger, but only if it is selected in the app?
If thats the case, i can probably create a new ChargeHQ account and let each control one vehucle only - remember to select the vehicle every time i connect the charger would be hard :slight_smile:

Correct - Charge HQ only controls the vehicle selected in the app, and does not automatically select a different vehicle when it gets plugged in.

More info here, including the workaround of using two Charge HQ accounts: Using Charge HQ with multiple EVs or Chargers

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