Control charging of multiple EVs from a single user account

This feature will allow:

  • Controlling multiple EVs / Smart chargers at a single site
  • Setting charging priority (and limits) for each EV / charger

That would be great.
Maybe that could fulfill my request of controlling a charger with two connectors.
link to my proposal: Support for two connectors on one charger

Hi Andrew.
Just curious - do you think this feature will be added?
And do you think that adding this feature would help me with my Orbis Viaris Combi+ charger that has two connectors - so I can control both connectors?

Controlling a multi-port charger is separate feature unfortunately.

We have to prioritise features that benefit the largest number of users. There are many many more users who have more than one EV, each with its own charger, or simply sharing a single charger, so this will come first.

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