Different limits for grid vs solar charging

Trying to find out if ChargeHQ has a summer/winter setting? Solar charge is much lower in Winter so the options are to manually start charging each night to top the car up to 50%, or to turn off Charge HQ and just rely on night charging completely.

Ideally one would be able to have a different charge setting max limit (i.e. 50% for scheduled night charging and then 80% for auto solar charging) to maintain a useable daily range while also having capacity to charge a bit during the day from auto solar without having to change it manually each night. The scheduled charging from Tesla is a bit lacking as it only has a start or stop time and not both so makes optimising night charging a little tiresome as well. That could be an opening for ChargeHQ to provide both a night charging window up to a certain level as well as the auto solar day charge option up to a higher charge level.

FYI optimising solar day charging over night charging is worth 6c (NZ) per kWh currently for me, and would be worth about 2c if I was signed up to a 5 year contract (so would likely not be any net savings overall). Minus the cost of latency as generation drops and the system takes a few minutes to respond.



Absolutely, Charge HQ can do this now.

Just set the charge limit in your Tesla to be the maximum for solar charging (say 80%). Then configure a scheduled charge period overnight in Charge HQ, with a Charge Limit of say 50%.

If the vehicle is below 50% overnight it will charge up to 50% then stop. During the day it will charge from any level up to 80%.

More on this here: Configure separate solar & grid charge limits

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Perfect. Exactly what I was doing manually so this automates that. Thanks for the update. I’ll assume I will need to update the Grid limit for summer and winter if I want to maximum summer excess, but that is doable twice a year to alter the overnight limit from say 30% to 50%.

Yep, that’s exactly what I do.