Do not charge price seems to be ignored

Hi team
Love the product thank you.
I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but often the app seems to ignore the “do not charge price” setting.
This morning I had it set to do not charge above 17c, however it was charging from solar when the amber price was 24c.
In a minority of times I’ve seen this working as expected.

I’ve included some screenshots.
Thank you in advance.

Hi @wes . Great question. When solar charging, charging will only stop when the feed-in price (not the usage price) exceeds the Do Not Charge price. This is because when charging from excess solar the effective cost of that energy is actually the export price, not the import price, as that energy would otherwise be exported.

In your screenshots the feed-in price is 13 c/kWh, which does not exceed your Do Not Charge Price of 17 c/kWh, and there is enough excess solar to charge without importing from the grid, so charging was allowed.

For more details see Why does solar charging stop when the Do Not Charge Price limit is exceeded?

Oh, clever. Thanks for clarifying. Here I was the whole time try reverse engineer the feed in price by setting the buy price.
That makes it a lot easier. Thanks.

What takes priority, scheduled charging
Or dont charge price?

I’m trying to only charge off cheap solar and export when feed in price is higher. But overnight I want to still charge to 50%

If I set schedule charge to 50% overnight (and the actual price in that window is $0.17)

And then I also set do not charge above $0.06 (to make sure I’m exporting with any feed in price higher than $0.06)

Will my car charge overnight to 50% in that scenario above, or will the do not charge price rule block the scheduled charging?

I found the answer in the docs. Thanks

Scheduled charging allows specifying periods where:

  • Charging will always occur
  • Charging will never occur

Scheduled charging periods will override the other charging settings. In particular, solar tracking will not occur when a scheduled period is active. Also, price and renewables limits are ignored during a scheduled charging period.

Charging will stop outside of schedule periods, unless another setting causes charging to start, eg solar tracking.

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