EV Charge rate in ChargeHQ App doesn't match Tesla App

G’day Team ChargeHQ. I used to use ChargeHQ over a year ago in a previous house with just solar with absolute great success. I’ve moved into a new house and have installed solar and battery (Fronius Sumo GEN24 6.0 and 5kWh BYD Battery) with a tesla wall charger 3 phase for my Model 3. I’ve got a few potential problems but firstly I wanted to figure out why the Charge HQ app displays a different kWh value going to the EV when compared to the Tesla App? In particular I can see 3.7 kWh is going to my EV in the Charge HQ app but my Tesla App for the model 3 is stating 2 kWh. In addition to this the Charge HQ App is showing zero kWh is going to the house yet I know the pool pump is running therefore the household is using some energy.

There are delays in updating the Tesla vehicle state in Charge HQ compared to the Tesla app. Often you won’t notice these delays, but sometimes you will. The delay should be no longer than 60 seconds when the vehicle is charging. If you are seeing a discrepency for longer than 60 seconds please let us know the details (your account, date and time) and we can investigate.

Hi Jay
I’ve attached a screenshot of my solar application and the chargeHQ app side by side. I haven’t refreshed for a couple of minutes so the data should be more than 60 seconds old. The solar application through Fronius is show 2.18 kW of solar generation and 1.67 kW going to the house which includes the EV charging. At this time approximately 400 W is being used by the house. 507 W is being exported to the grid. In my area the solar electrician has allowed only a maximum of 500 W to go to the grid due to the grids instability. As you can see the ChargeHQ app is showing much different. In additions it’s not sending excess solar to the EV.