Goodwe GM1000 / GM3000 energy meter support

Charge HQ does not currently support the Goodwe GM1000 / GM3000 energy meter.

If you are interesting in support being added you might like to vote for this topic and follow it for updates.

Goodwe have confirmed that their API, which Charge HQ uses to obtain Goodwe data, does not yet support these meters. We are currently waiting for an update from Goodwe as to when such support will be added. Once it is, we’ll add support to Charge HQ.

For now, if you connect Charge HQ to a Goodwe system with one of these meters, Charge HQ will only see the solar generation data, not the grid import/export or household consumption. For more details see Do I need an energy meter?

I have been fiddling with setting to make it work. I have GM1000 and only detects generation. Will be interested.
Wanted to give it try before I got the yearly subscription. If GM1000 can be supported I will definitely buy.