How to best use Charge HQ

I have SMA 8KW inverted a Tesla PW v2, 3 Phase from Grid (in NSW), a Wallbox Max 22kw 3 phase. this also has an em340(can access the information from this device separately).
AGL offers 0.08c per kw midnight to 6 am = I currently use this to charge the car. use the wallbox to schedule this.

In summer, not now, I want to use the excess solar to charge the car.
How best to set up CHQ to do this??

How best to make use of CHQ in winter with my setup?

some best practices would be good. thanks

If you just want to charge from grid during the winter, given the energy tariff you’re on, setting a scheduled charge to charge in the super off-peak period (midnight to 6am) will be the lowest cost. You can do this in the Wallbox or Charge HQ (on the free plan).

To solar charge in summer, you want to limit your overnight grid charging only to the minimum you need each day. For your EV we can’t detect the level of charge in the battery so you have to do this by limiting the duration of the overnight charge.

e.g. try not to car beyond 50% overnight, at 11 kW, 2 hours will give you 22 kWh of charging.

Then configure solar charging and keep your EV plugged in during the day. If the sun is out it will charge until full the next day.

Setup will involve:

A simple but practical way of limiting overnight charging can also be to choose not to plug in some nights if you can see that you have enough range to meet the following day’s needs. This limits the need to constantly adjust scheduled charging periods.

Lastly - make sure your Powerwall is configured to prevent it discharging overnight whilst your EV is charging.

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thanks that great.

I think I’ll do the second item, not charge over night plug it in the next day and use the excess solar. I have the PW with the time based rate so I see it does not discharge over night.