March 2024 updates

  • Added support for Powersensor as a source of solar production and home energy consumption.
  • Tooltips added for refresh timer, status detail, state of charge toggle and icon shortcuts
  • New users default solar tracking mode changed from solar + grid to solar only
  • Enable control mode changes when a Tesla vehicle is away from home
  • Display details of the next scheduled charge on the home screen
  • Include generation from hydro, battery and biomass in the percentage of renewable energy in grid supply for users in the eastern states of Australia.
  • Added support for Growatt energy meters

How are things going on the Powersensor integration?

I have been testing it and it’s going ok, the only problem is it requires manual prompting to poll the power sensor for solar data when it becomes available.

This sometimes requires disconnecting and reconnecting to the power sensor in the ChargeHQ app.

Once it gets going it seems to work well for the rest of the day.


We should have a fix to try for the Powersensor integration in the next week.

Powersensor data should now be reliable as of today

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