Most cost effective option for charging from excess solar

Hi I couldn’t work out what’s the most cost effective way for me to be able to charge from excess solar

  • enphase solar
  • flexible on car charger
  • vehicle tesla model 3
  • 3 phase power

I’m happy to subscribe to your service if I can get clarity on this.

The best solution varies from one user to the next depending on your solar setup, home battery, existing charging equipment, EV and energy plan.

If you can tell me a little more about your setup I can offer more specific advice. I gather you have Enphase Solar and a Tesla Model 3? What make/model of wall charger do you have? Do you have a home battery? Do you already have 3 phase power connected to your home?

We’ve been unable to add direct support for Enphase, so at a minimum you’d need to install an energy meter to use Charge HQ (assuming you don’t have a supported home battery).

This article on options for charging from solar may help.

We tend to recommend single phase for charging from solar in most cases.


  • will be getting a tesla
  • can choose wall charger that’s why I’m asking this question now
  • do not have a battery
  • home currently has 3 phase power and about 50 circuits

i was hoping one of the chargers may be able to communicate with enphase to get generation data and be able to skip the energy meter.

Do I need meters for all circuits? I only really want to monitor solar production and charge the car from excess.

Anything else would be a bonus bot not necessary.

Enphase are a little different to other solar vendors and appears to be taking a similar approach to Charge HQ by using OCPP to communicate with Wall Chargers. You’d have to check for local Australian support but you may be able to use a Wallbox Pulsar Max with an Enphase solar system.

To charge from excess solar, you need to have an energy meter that monitors all of the home energy or grid consumption, otherwise, you don’t know how much excess solar you have… just how much solar you’re producing. Metering is often done just on the grid connection.

I think Enphase do this via their Gateway. If you can see you home energy consumption in your Enphase app then you already have the required energy metering.

If you can’t do the Enphase integration with Wallbox charger, you can get an energy meter that connects directly to the charger.

Ok. I know I have an older enphase system that only monitors production.

I have the envoy-r which only does production.

So it looks like I’ll have to use a meter, will that or any other product work with a Tesla charger or do I have to use the wall box?

Do meters read production AND consumption? Otherwise the only place they can get production data from is the envoy

If you install a supported energy meter, it will work with a Tesla wall charger for a Tesla EV.

Right now the only energy meter options for a 3-phase house would be Wattwatchers or Solar Analytics. We’re planning to add support for Shelly energy monitors soon which will be another option.

The energy meters will read production and consumption. We can only use a single source of data for each site so rely on it having both production and consumption. We can’t combine data from two different meters.

Hello. This is the only reference I can find to the Shelly energy monitors. Does ‘soon’ mean weeks or months? I have just installed solar with a Huawei inverter so Shelly will be my only option for using ChargeHQ with a Tesla. My wallet is ready to go as soon as you support this!