Price dependent scheduled charging

As an Amber customer the dynamic pricing plays into my charging strategy.

We currently have scheduled charging from 3am to 7am to charge to 50%. This works ok, however I’d love to be able to add pricing conditions/logic

For example, some charging rules like this would be brilliant

  1. If price is below $1, charge to 30%
  2. If price is below $0.30 charge to 50%
  3. If price is below $0.15 charge to 70%
  4. If price is below $0.10 charge to 85%
  5. Always charge below $0.05

My price sensitivity or willingness to pay higher electricity prices, is tied to the current battery charge level.
Or vice-versa, my willingness to charge to a higher battery percent, depends on the current price.

As a relatively low km driver, it’s rare that we ever need more than 50% range. So the vehicle battery is a way of storing cheap power for future driving use.

It’s possible that the " “Ready by” mode" might overlap a little with the needs of this request, however this feature might allow for a more longer term window for price optimisation.
In other words, what we’re trying to optimise if we’re only driving approximately 300kms per week, how can get the cheapest charge over the course of the week.

Agree, this would be super handy

The problem here is that, except for Teslas, ChargeHQ doesn’t know and can’t read the current SoC of the car.
I’d also like to do the same for the percentage-battery in the home battery at which the system changes from charging the home battery to charging the EV:
when the car SoC is low, have the car start being fed when the battery reaches 30%, but when the EV is nearly full, hold back the switchover until the home battery is 80%.
In fact setting the threshold for ‘Battery Priority Charge Limit’ to be the car SoC would would work very well.

But given the CHQ doesn’t in general know the car charge (only works for Teslas) , I’d like to see these thresholds exposed in an API, so that I can program a home automation system to periodically adjust the thresholds according the car battery charge as read separately through a different integration with the car monitoring.
An API to set the ‘Battery Priority Charge Limit’ and an API call to set the ‘Do not charge above’ and ‘Always charge below’ thresholds would help this be automated and adjustable.