Scheduled charging kicks in even when engaging STOP ahead of scheduled star

I plugged my EV in last night, and then selected STOP.

I had expected no charging to occur until I manually returned to AUTO, however the car charged during the schedule and returned to AUTO regardless.

It would be handy if STOP also prevented schedules from kicking in.

Hi Articus,

Sorry that it hasn’t worked as expected. In designing the controls there’s often a choice for such behaviours that we have to make. When the question exists we prioritise charging over not charging. For an end user, whilst charging when they expected it to stop can result in a higher charging cost for a single day, the reverse (not charging when it was expected) may result in a user with insufficient range in their EV to meet their needs. We consider the latter to be a much greater problem.

You could imagine a scenario where a user selects to stop in the afternoon to prevent solar charging on a partly cloudy afternoon, assuming that their scheduled charge overnight would still take effect, and were relying on it to meet their driving needs.

To prevent a scheduled charge from occurring, you can either disable it under Settings → Scheduled Charging or avoid plugging the vehicle in.

One-time schedule changes are on our roadmap.