Should the Blockout Schedule stop charging in that period?

I read the manual to indicate that setting a blockout schedule of 3pm to 9pm would stop charging in that period. Right now in winter in Melbourne there is never enough solar to charge the car in this period, however my tarrif is higher in this period. I have an MG Chargehub 7kW and an MG ZS EV if the device influences the answer. I have twice had the car charge right through that period, which a) drains my battery and b) is more costly than it could be. Any ideas how to create a window where the car will not charge?

@chargehq.bian a blockout schedule should always prevent charging during that period, if scheduled charging is enabled, unless there is a technical problem. If you can provide a date and time when it didn’t work we can investigate.

Thanks, Scheduled chargingis enabled, so I’ll find some examples tomorrow and post them

Hi, I have attached a trace of my power consumption on July 5 (Melb time). It looks like I turned this on just before 15:00 (15:46ish), it ran until 16:29 and then I discovered that the blockout hadn’t stopped charging and manually stopped it

@chargehq.bian thanks for the example. Unfortunately we only have detailed logs for 7 days. If it happens again please let us know the details.

Hi, by my calculation the example is 6 days ago, so I expect you have it still. Otherwise I’ll test it today. Once I convinced my self that Chargehq doesn’t stop consumption like I expected (I also think that it isn’t setting the charging rate.) I made sure the car wouldn’t charge in the window from 3-9pm.

@chargehq.bian ah sorry you are correct. I checked the logs. On July 5th your charger was sending inconsistent messages to Charge HQ, which resulted in unwanted charging. There are suspected issues with the ChargeHub with the firmware version you have, which we’re working with MG to address. I suggest you unplug your vehicle, restart your charger, wait 5 minutes then give it a try. Let us know if you have further issues and we can try and send some details to MG.