SMA inverter support

Do you, or are you planning, to support SMA Inverter STP8.0-3AV- (Sunny Tripower 8.0)


We don’t currently support any SMA inverters. It’s possible we may add it in future, but currently, the API access fees are quite high, the data update speed is a little slow (5 minute intervals), and we don’t get many user requests.

If you have another supported solar data source such as a home battery or energy meter, we can get the solar data from these without needing to connect the SMA inverter to Charge HQ.

thanks for that, make complete sense.

I have a Tesla PowerWall 2, so I think that will give the same information.

your other post to me gives me the information I need.
may need to wait for next summer to test, when I have lots of excess solar.

is there a road Map of upcoming functionality I can review???

There’s a roadmap here: Charge HQ feature development roadmap which is not updated regularly.

In practice, development priorities shift frequently in response to vendor changes, opportunities, unforeseen system requirements and novel feature ideas.