Solar Charging with Tesla Load Sharing

I assume this is not possible given that your website displays that there is no integration for Tesla wall connectors.

I have 6 Tesla wall chargers that use load sharing. The charging system is limited by my grid connection, 3 hot legs of 120V that can push about 70-80 amps. This circuit also has solar that can push 24kW of power and it would be great if the Tesla wall connector would increase the total group current if there is solar being generated.

Currently you have to open the Tesla app, connect wirelessly to the master charger, turn the power sharing feature off, then adjust the max load sharing amperage, then turn power sharing back on…nothing seems automated about it…would be awesome if it could automatically adjust this based on solar output.




Unfortunately, Tesla don’t offer any mechanism for remotely controlling the rate of charge of Tesla High Power Wall Connectors so it’s not something we can build.

It looks like they have a solution for doing this on a single charger, but not a group of chargers, see this page under the Dynamic Power Management Heading:

Hopefully, they’ll expand the function to group charging in future.