Support for Ocular IQ Solar

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I can see that you support the Ocular Wallbox but Ocular have another model called Ocular Solar which has additional features including phone app and solar charging with additional of a CT clamp.

Wondering if that model is supported or whether there are plans to support it?

According to the official Ocular IQ Solar FAQ it does support OCPP, and thus will probably work with Charge HQ since other Ocular IQ models are supported.

As the FAQ says, once connected to OCPP then the Ocular app and other local functions of the charger are not available. So it’s basically a choice between using the Ocular app or Charge HQ to control the charger. Most solar-aware chargers work this way.

We haven’t officially tested it and I’m not sure if any users have tested it either. We’d love to hear if anyone has tried it!

ok thanks.

So is it reasonable to say that any charger that claims support for OCCP “should” work with ChargeHQ or are there other qualifiers which determine whether it will work?

For example. Keba has more chargers available than your web site shows on this page including a solar charger model .

Is it reasonable to assume that the Keba c-series (solar charger) will work with Charge-HQ? My reasearch of the EV chargers is indicating a lot of the info on your web pages for the brands you list as supported is out of date (understandable given it is a fast moving industry) but perhaps might be worth putting a qualifier on those pages saying additional models may be available. I assume the current Keba listing refers to the P30 a-series rather than the c-series which also has solar charging and a phone app.

So I’m trying to figure out how to determine exactly what would be supported vs what wouldn’t.


Per here, whilst some chargers that offer support for OCPP will by default work with Charge HQ, we can’t confirm until we test them. OCPP is a standard, and each charger manufacturer chooses how to implement it. Some implement all functions accurately, but some don’t implement all parts of the standard which we rely on.

Some manufacturers will use the same or similar software across different models of chargers. In such cases, it’s more likely that Model B will work with Charge HQ if Model A is listed as supported. But it’s not guaranteed.

In many cases, we work directly with vendors to obtain chargers and complete testing, in other cases they complete testing on their side. For some chargers, we rely on the vendor making changes to the firmware of the charger to enable compatibility. This can take months and doesn’t always happen.

For Keba, we’ve only confirmed that the P30 model works. I believe this is noted in all of our references to it. We’ve not tested the c-series.

If I was purchasing a charger for use with Charge HQ, I would only purchase one that is on the supported charger list.

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