Tesla Y, Tesla 3 P charger and Fronius Inverter owner. Can I charge just using solar


I’m buying a Tesla Y and a tesla 3 Phase charger. I already have a 7KW Fronius invertor & solar system installed.

Will i need to install an energy meter if I need the ChargeHQ to measure how much solar energy is being used within the home and direct the remainder to the car charger? or is Fronius inverter and tesla charger combination good enough to do the job?

thank you


Hi @himanshudhody. If your Fronius monitoring does not show your household consumption and grid import/export, then yes, you would need to install the Fronius Smart Meter in order for Charge HQ to charge from excess solar and respond to changes in your home power usage.

Without an energy meter Charge HQ does not know how much power your house is using, it only knows solar production. You can configure a fixed margin eg 1 kW to leave some power for your house, but it won’t adjust to your actual usage.

For more details see Do I need an energy meter?