Third Party Enphase Support - available via Push API (no servers required running at home)

Hi Everyone,
I just want to let everyone know that I am offering a service which allows Enphase inverters to integrate with Charge HQ at a very reasonable cost.

This is what is required from all Enphase users for this to work:

  1. PM me and invite me (a fully dedicated email address for your Enphase site) to your Enphase
  2. Either provide me with a publicly available HTTPS URL Endpoint to your Envoy, or your internet connection must have a Static IP Address.

The following prices are for Enphase to Charge HQ Integration:

Base Price (1 minute update during daylight only):
AUD$7 per month, or AUD$70 per year - RECOMMENDED

24x7 1 minute update:
AUD$10 per month, or AUD$100 per year

More Frequent Updates (30 seconds update during daylight only):
AUD$10 per month, or AUD$100 per year

24x7 30 second update:
AUD$14 per month, or AUD$140 per year

Additional service to video call consult for Router and / or ISP setup, cap at 1 hour.

Hey, I’m getting an Enphase system soon - would this also work in the United States?

Yes, this will work without issues as long as you invite me into your Enphase system with a dedicated email address allocated for you only. You also need a static IP address for your home internet connection so the system can directly read the solar production data.