Trydan charger support


I have try to use you charge app.:+1:

But my charger can change betwin 1 and 3 phase charge.( but not when i use Your app.:woozy_face:)

My problem is the charger can’t connect to my solar charger.( amp clamp from charger don’t work, when i have battery on solar inverter.)

My question is, are it possible to connect My EV charger to your app, so it can change 1/ 3 phase charge.?

Maby via MQTT / OCPP.?

Charger are v2c trydan.

Car Tesla model Y.

Solar inverter Growatt sph3600 hybrid with Battery.

Smart meter, Chint DTSU666

In Denmark there are a lot of EV car user, how would like to charge the ower production from solar to the car.!


We’d not had any request for Trydan charger support so far and currently, it’s not supported. If we get more requests we can look at it. Our app currently can’t do phase switching on any chargers via OCPP but we plan to look at it in future also.

It’s a common problem with EV chargers that use CT clamps for solar not working so well once there’s also a home battery installed.

Is your EV charger limited to 16 amps on single phase or 3 x 16 amps on 3 phase?

I can see you tried a direct connection with your Tesla EV. From this, it looked like your max solar production was around 4 kW. Single phase might be enough for solar charging in this case.

Some suggestions:

  • Leave the charger in 3-phase mode and use direct control with the Tesla. Your minimum charge rate will be 6A with 3A increments - a little inefficient, but you can still charge at 11 kW from the grid.
  • Leave the charger in single-phase mode, also with direct control via the Tesla. Solar charging will be more efficient but you will be limited to 3.6 kW for grid charging.
  • Investigate if it’s possible to have the charger wired as only single phase with a 32 A connection.

I will try that.
Look like i can’t connect fully to the car.!
Have also try new log in, but didn help.!
What can i try to do.?
In tesla 3 part app, every thing look okay.
I will send mail with picture, cant upload from here.

Br Erik

Hi Erik - thanks for sending the screenshots. I check your account just now and it looks like you’ve since completed the pairing and it’s all working. Let me know if you need any more assistance.

Yes now its working.:+1:

Mvh Erik G