VW ID4 with Tesla Wall Charger and Charge HQ

I will install a Tesla Powerwall 2 battery and 3.4kw solar system within 3 months and purchase VW ID.4 EV.
And already I have 6.6kw solar system with Fronius 5kw inverter.
I want to use excess solar during daytime.
When I talked with battery installer about charging EV with excess solar, he recommand your Charge HQ app.
He said it will support Tesla power wall 2 battery with Gen3 Tesla wall charger and can monitoring, using excess solar.
Is it correct?
I try get information from your home page, but still confuse.
Please inform to me.
Thank in advance.



Unfortunately, this won’t work. It’s not possible to remotely control charging via the Tesla Gen 3 wall charger.

When this charger is used with a Tesla EV - we control the charging via direct communication with the EV itself, not the wall charger.

Currently, we can’t control charging via direct control for non-Tesla EVs.

To use Charge HQ with a VW ID 4 you would need to use a compatible smart charger.

We have some charger recommendations here.