ZJ Beny charger - OCPP version


I’m looking at purchasing a ZJ Beny charger from a seller on Facebook who supplies and installed them. He says he has the superseded BCP-A2N-L OCPP model but wasn’t sure if an additional module is needed for OCPP. He sent me the following photo:

Are you aware if any additional hardware is needed for this particular model for OCPP compatibility?



I’m not familiar with the internals so can’t verify based on the photo.

The BCP-A2N-L came in an OCPP version and a non-OCPP version with the same model number. The OCPP version should be listed as “BCP-A2N-L OCPP version”.

If it is the OCPP version, then no extra modules are required.

More recently they changed the model names so that OCPP versions have a -P suffix.

More details here: ZJ Beny AC EV Charger EV Charger

Hey Andrew, I’m the original poster for the question. Thanks for your answer. Another question I had was, given that this is a superseded model, is there any functionality this is missing compared to the new one?

Hi Nav,

I checked with ZJBeny and they’ve indicated the new version has improved integration with their mobile app:

  1. Complete the Network Configuration via Z-BOX;
  2. Connect to Charger via Bluetooth on Z-BOX;
  3. Complete the Firmware Upgrade via Z-BOX;

These features may be useful sometimes, they will certainly make the initial setup a little easier. Once you have configured the charger though most of the day to day control will be via the Charge HQ app.

We have an old version of the charger that we use for testing and have been unable to use the Z-Box app to connect via Bluetooth or complete firmware upgrades.