Simultaneous charging battery and EV?


Looking at adding a battery and EV charger to my home. Having read through (some of) the charge hq info wondering if the following is possible.


  • 14kw of solar
  • Enphase inverters
  • Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery
  • Tesla Wall Charger
  • Volvo C40

Is it possible to configure charge HQ to prioritise the use of solar and simultaneous provide for:

  1. The house power needs needs first, then:
  2. Charge the Powerwall up to it’s maximum rate of 5kw, then:
  3. Use the remaining excess solar to charge the EV?


Hi Dirk,

With this equipment, we can use the Powerwall 2 to tell us how much excess solar you have, but we can’t control EV charging. We can’t communicate with either the Volve EV, or the Tesla Wall Charger.


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the quick reply.

So if I do use an OCPP compliant wall charger that you support then is what I propose possible? Specifically can charge hq control the wall charger to limit the amount of power drawn to the excess solar available, and avoid drawing power from the home battery?


Hi @Andrew,

Have I understood how this works correctly?.


Dirk, yes Charge HQ would allow charging from excess solar with such a configuration. But at this time I can’t recommend you buy an OCPP charger for use with Charge HQ for this purpose given some uncertainty we’re facing.

In the short term, I would probably just find a retail electricity plan that offers low-cost power in the middle of the day, and configure the Powerwall so that it doesn’t discharge during this period.